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On the Influence of vinyl flooring on the Home Improvement Market

Time: 2021-07-28

Speaking of vinyl flooring, some people may not be familiar with it, but in fact, they must have been exposed to it in life. plastic floor is also called plastic floor, floor glue, floor glue and so on. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, offices, factory workshops, sports, fitness, etc. PVC vinyl flooring can be roughly divided into three types: business, sports, and homogenization, and their application places are also different.

At present, the floor decoration materials in the home improvement market mainly include wood floors, ceramic tiles and marble, which account for most of the floor decoration materials in the home improvement market.

plastic flooring has excellent properties, such as fireproof, flame retardant, waterproof, non-slip, abrasion-resistant and pressure-resistant, 0 formaldehyde, easy care and so on. These are the advantages of plastic flooring, some of which are more suitable for home use than traditional home decoration materials.

The main application scenarios of Luxury Vinyl Flooring are engineering customers, and the home improvement area will not be too large, and the whole house will not be covered with  SPC flooring, so the home improvement area will generally be tens of square meters. There are two ways to pave the plastic floor, glue and tape. The glue needs to be made by professional workers, and the tape can be laid by yourself. The two paving methods have some differences in convenience and firmness. Once the area is too small, the most common thing is that no construction master can be found, and the construction master will not go to construction without tape. This is also one of the reasons why stone plastic flooring has a small market share in home improvement.

However, with the advent of self-adhesive stone-plastic flooring, construction has become extremely simple, showing a certain impact on the home improvement market. With the continuous development of the plastic flooring industry, the impact on the future home improvement market cannot be ignored.

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