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What are the selection skills of wallboard
Product description

It can be divided into wood and plastic from the type of substrate. Wood can be divided into two kinds of strip profile and whole sheet. From the processing technology of substrate, it can be divided into three kinds: solid wood composite board, medium density board and plywood.

1. No matter what kind of material the base material is, the surface has been processed, with a variety of patterns, such as natural texture of pure solid wood, imitation solid wood, imitation stone, imitation ceramic tile, imitation wallpaper, anti wood stick, Fraxinus mandshurica, teak, oak, and so on. In home decoration, solid wood composite wallboard is widely used.

2. The quality of the wall panel can be identified from both internal and external aspects. The internal quality mainly tests the hardness of the surface and the bonding strength between the substrate and the surface finish. The product with good quantity has high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance, no obvious scratch on the surface with a knife, and no separation between the surface and the substrate.

3. Appearance quality mainly tests the degree of simulation. Good quality products have vivid patterns, uniform processing specifications, easy splicing and good decorative effect. The strip wall panel shall be sealed and packed with plastic without distortion.

If you want to choose a wallboard, you should pay attention to choose the right material, so that family life will be more comfortable and convenient. The above is about what kind of Sofia wallboard material and selection skills of wallboard. You can choose the right wallboard according to your own needs, and pay attention to the overall coordination.

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