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What are the application scope of integrated Wall panels
Product description

Bamboo and wood fiber integrated Wall panels is a new type of environmental protection decoration material. It has many advantages, such as strong three-dimensional sense, beautiful design, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation and so on. It is widely used. Here is to introduce the application scope of bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard

What are the application scope of wallboard

1. Entertainment places

The product has a good sound insulation effect, the sound insulation can reach 29 dB. Often used in KTV, it has high requirements for sound insulation design, so this decoration is very suitable.

2. Conference room

① The conference room is a place for meeting, discussion, creativity and learning. It should not be too solemn or too pompous. The wallboard has a strong natural flavor, which creates a relaxed atmosphere for the conference room. ② In addition, the lighting requirements of the meeting room are also very high. The glossiness of the wall can improve the brightness of the meeting room.

3. Office

The office adopts new environment-friendly wallboard materials, highlighting the characteristics of high energy efficiency and simplicity, which makes the office space full of humanistic atmosphere. Using the concept of modern layout, to ensure that everyone has enough space for activities.

4. Home video room

It is also applied here, with good sound insulation effect. For example, the home theater party is always full of eating, drinking and watching a movie, while the party is usually built in the evening in order not to affect the rest of the neighbors. The equipment must have good sound insulation materials.

5. Hotel lobby

The hotel lobby pays special attention to the decoration grade. The bamboo wood fiber integrated Wall panels uses the organic synthesis technology of wood fiber, nano calcium, polymer and other waterproof and flame retardant materials, which makes the decoration effect comparable to the traditional stone and marble tiles, and is more moisture-proof and environmentally friendly. The use of bamboo wood fiber integrated wallboard in hotel projects is also constantly improving.

6. Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms with wallpaper and paint every 3-5 years to replace a new, high cost. As a new generation of wallpaper and paint, wallboard not only has a very beautiful decorative effect, but also is very clean. It can keep the hotel as new for a long time and improve the quality of hotel rooms.

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the design of Wall panels is more and more environmentally friendly and versatile. Meet the needs of every customer.

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