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Three different installation methods of SPC floor
Product description

SPC floor is widely used. Today we will introduce how to install SPC floor. SPC floor structure is mainly divided into homogeneous permeable sheet, multilayer composite sheet and semi homogeneous permeable sheet; From the shape, it can be divided into square material and strip material. SPC floor has three different installation methods:

1、 Fixed installation:

1. Local paste: on the ground, take the edge of the floor as the benchmark, brush 20cm glue inward for bonding.

2. Full glue bonding: all the floors are coated with glue.

Semi fixed: special double-sided tape. The floor and floor are bonded together with the special double-sided tape of the manufacturer. The floor and floor are also bonded together, which can effectively prevent the floor from moving and cracking due to violent movement, and also facilitate the later movement of the whole site due to the need.

2、 Mobile installation:

There is no adhesive between the special connection on the floor and the floor surface in the factory workshop. The floor can be freely rolled or SPC removed for easy movement. Generally speaking, the SPC floor with this kind of installation method is mostly used for laying the floor above.

3、 Welding installation

Before the floor is welded, the surface of the floor material shall be grooved by hand or machine. The grooving place must be cleaned in time. The temperature during hot welding shall not be lower than 500 ℃. The welding technology can be managed by automatic control equipment or operated by artificial intelligence. Before welding, first use a small section of line to test and analyze the proper temperature and speed during welding. After the weld is cooled, remove the unnecessary welding line in two steps. First use crescent shovel to shovel off half of the convex part of the welding line. After the welding line is cooled, shovel off the remaining part.

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