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Integrated wall panel

Nowadays, more and more Integrated wall panel appear in home decoration design. However, many people are unfamiliar with wallboards. In fact, it is also a kind of wall protection and decoration material similar to wood veneer. It is a kind of wall decoration material after special processing of wood. It is widely used in middle and high-grade decoration. Now it is used in some ordinary home decoration, Small area will also be added as some Integrated wall panel design.


1. The benefits of wall panel installation

Now that it’s popular to install wallboards, it must be good for us to make such a choice. Otherwise, we will spend money blindly. So let’s first see what are the advantages of wallboards.

① Protect the wall

In many decoration, will be close to the corner of the area to do some wall panels, and the wall or using latex paint or wallpaper wall cloth decoration, the purpose is to protect the lower part of the wall, because the wooden wall panel compared to other materials more wear-resistant, dirt resistant, furniture placed against the wall will not easily wear, if dirty wipe it, take care of it more convenient.

② Beautify the space

The wallboard has rich styles, various textures and colors, which can be matched according to different styles. Some of the background walls in order to enrich the level or shape symmetry, often add the wall panel as decoration, in order to make the space appear more elegant and advanced.

③ Sound insulation effect is good

In addition to the beauty and wall protection, the wall panel also has a certain sound insulation function. If the requirements for room sound insulation are relatively high, the installation of wall panel can enhance the wall sound insulation effect to a certain extent.

Integrated wall panel
Integrated wall panel
PPF wallboard has the stylish appearance of wallpaper without the added cost. Yihua provide best price PPF wallboard ,Pvc wall panels.
Our Integrated wall panel series
  • Thermal insulation
    The Base Layer is perfect for slowing down thermal transmission and effectively keeping the room temperature steady, thereby saving more energy. It has been tested that a PPF Wallboard surrounded room can save up to 30% energy consumed by air conditioning.
  • Lightweight
    Compared with traditional wall decorations, PPF Wallboard is at least 50% lighter(2kg/m2). PPF Wallboard can be easily cut to any shapes and sizes to fit any decoration needs. To fit corners, simply milling the back and decoration layer is kept still. The entire installation doesn’t produce any pollution.
  • Waterproof & Anti-fouling
    The decoration layer is applied with Nanotechnology to create a 100% extreme waterproof surface. The PPF Core is able to experience long time immersion in water without getting split, cracked or rotten. The PPF Core contains functional materials that can prevent mildew as well.
  • Excellent toughness
    PPF Wallboard can be bent to maximum 120°to provide maximum convenience for decoration.
  • Flame retardant
    The PPF Core is made with finest fiber, processed by hot melting and cold pressing to eventually form flame retardant grade of B1.
  • Noise reduction
    Designed with muting technology for quiet indoor spaces, PPF Wallboard significantly reduces both inside and outside sourced noise.
  • Stable structure
    PPF Wallboard is extremely dimensional stable, it does not shrink for more than 0.1% under normal circumstance. That solves series of afterwards problems. Soft touch texture.
  • Soft touch texture
    The decoration layer can be made with skin-friendly materials like linen, silk and suede to create a touchable sense of luxury.
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