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Does the wall panel contain formaldehyde
Product description

The wall panel has good thermostability and noise reduction, which can not only effectively protect the building wall, but also cover the original uneven stone wall on the back of the wall panel. Moreover, with the development of the times, the design of wallboard is more diversified.


In the market with more decorative materials, the wall panel is no longer necessary for decoration. But whether it is a symbol of dignity or luxury temperament, or can attract the attention of most successful people. And with the rapid growth of the domestic economy, the people are not only satisfied with the material pursuit, but also more satisfied with the spiritual pursuit. In this way, the wall panel once again came into people’s view.

Acoustic wall panels

The wood panel products have been widely used in home decoration, work clothes and wall decoration of government departments. But occasionally you can hear the news that PVC wallboard has a poisonous smell on the market. You know, the siding takes up most of the interior area of many spaces in the house. The first reaction of consumers to environmental protection is whether PVC board for interior decoration is toxic. It plays an absolute leading role in the environmental protection of the whole space. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to whether there is formaldehyde on the integrated wall of bamboo and wood fibers. So, is there formaldehyde on the bamboo fiber integrated wallboard? We can analyze it from the following aspects:

First, look at the raw material sources of the company’s actual production plants.

At present, PVC and bamboo fiber are the main materials for the production of wallboard. Both PVC wallboard and bamboo fiber contain PVC resin, but the latter will add bamboo fiber powder and other materials. So to see if the PVC board is toxic, first of all to see the manufacturer’s PVC resin powder, there is no strict quality inspection certificate. In addition, if you want to determine whether bamboo fiberboard contains formaldehyde, it depends on the source of bamboo powder and wood powder. Another detail is whether the production personnel in the workshop are “fully armed”. If the integrated wallboard is really formaldehyde free, the staff will not have any protective devices. To be sure, if the bamboo fiber wallboard is toxic, the workshop staff are very strict, and the comprehensive wallboard of the whole workshop has a pungent smell. Then this kind of wallboard is harmful to people’s health.

Second, regular manufacturers must have test reports and anti-counterfeiting marks.

The wall panel is an environmental protection decoration material in the modern building materials market, and the formaldehyde content is generally below 0.1mg/m. But there are many small processing workshops and bad dealers. In order to create possible profit value, they recruit low-quality and low-cost products, fake famous brand products, and sell high formaldehyde content wallboards. Therefore, when ordinary customers buy, they should confirm whether the formaldehyde of the brand bamboo fiber wallboard exceeds the standard, whether there is an anti-counterfeiting label, and whether the company’s anti-counterfeiting telephone consultation is a genuine product of the brand. Improve the strictness of factory logo, factory land, anti-counterfeiting code, telephone consultation and product selection.

3、 Inspection of appearance and cross section of integrated wall

The pattern and color on the surface of the high-quality wallboard are uniform, smooth and without color difference. The cross section of the sheet is very smooth, there is no bubble bubble hole, no residual roughness, foam, holes and so on. The color of the cross section is usually light yellow and white. It can’t be green or black. Some businessmen also boast that the blackboard is bamboo charcoal board. In fact, the black integrated wallboard is poisonous. It’s made of recyclable materials, and it’s easy to release a lot of formaldehyde, and heavy metals exceed the standard. These two colors are usually made of recycled materials. Generally speaking, it is made of recycled plastic and recycled wood flour, so the color is obviously not the color of bamboo. Moreover, with hand touching the incision, it is obvious that the plate is very rough, with many pores and severe froth. In the later stage, not only formaldehyde will be released, but also serious personal safety problems such as thermal expansion and cold shrinkage deformation will occur.

Of course, we should also face up to the existence of formaldehyde. After all, formaldehyde can be seen everywhere in our daily life. As long as the formaldehyde emission of the wallboard does not exceed the national standard and the formaldehyde emission is less than 0.1mg/m, the decoration of PVC board or bamboo fiber wallboard for interior decoration belongs to environmental protection. But before moving in, we still need to do formaldehyde detection, because our interior is not only wall panels, but also curtains, mattresses, wallpaper, wall cloth, and other decoration materials. The formaldehyde emission of each decoration material is qualified, but when added together, it is possible to exceed the standard. If formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it is not recommended to check in immediately.

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